General Patient Process
Lighter Dream Bariatrics takes all the guess work out of scheduling your surgery date. We walk you through each step from beginning to end with our Bariatric Patient Process. There are three simple steps to scheduling: Get Approved, Pick a Date, Pay Deposit! Start your Bariatric Patient Process Today.

Step One
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Get Approved

Submit a health questionnaire to see if you are approved for weight loss surgery and to see what surgery is best for you. Once the health questionnaire is reviewed by a surgeon your patient coordinator will get a hold of you.
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Step Two
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Pick a Date

At this point, you will discuss with your patient coordinator surgery dates that are best for you. Your patient coordinator will confirm availability for you.
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Step Three
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Pay Deposit

By now you know what type of surgery you will be having, who your surgeon is, and what date will work for the surgical team and yourself. Pay a deposit safely through Lighter Dream Website.
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Preparing for Your Bariatric Surgery Date
Once you are scheduled, your patient coordinator will email you your Bariatric Patient Process and a break down of everything you need to know for the days to come. Closer to the surgery date, your nutritionist will email you the preoperative diet as well.

Documents Due
All documents are due 15 days before surgery. Documents needed are as followed:

  • Proof of full payment
  • Consent Form
  • Copy of Flight
  • Identification
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Travel Partner Details if applicable

If any changes to medication, health, travel plans, or any questions or concerns come up, inform your patient coordinator.

Day 1
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Arrival & PreOperative Test

Before arrival, review your surgery confirmation email as it has instructions.

You will arrive at San Diego International Airport (SAN). Arrive one day before surgery between the hours of 10am – 2pm PST.

Once you arrive, our driver will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to the hospital for labs and your ekg testing.* Upon completion, our driver will then take you to your hotel. The hotel name is listed in your surgery confirmation email. Check in to the hotel using your identification; your room is prepaid and part of your package—no need to pay.

Now you kick up your feet and relax. The coordinator in Mexico will contact you in the evening after labs come back to let you know the next steps for day two; they will let you know when to be ready in the lobby so that you are on time for surgery. No liquids after midnight unless told otherwise.

*Depending on arrival time you may have an alteration to this process. At times we will do labs at arrival and at times we will do labs the morning of surgery.

Day 2
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Surgery Day

The driver will pick you up in the hotel’s lobby at your assigned time and take you to the hospital. Please have all of your belongings with you. At the hospital, you will be greeted by meet the medical staff and begin the preoperative process. The surgeons, anesthesiologists, internist, and other members of the medical team will com for your pre-surgery consults. Now is a great time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Once you meet with the team, it is surgery time. Surgery doesn’t last too long. However, you will be sleeping for several hours.

Day 3
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Recovery at the Hospital

Follow the medical staff’s instructions. They will encourage you to walk and be more active this day.

Day 4
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You will depart at San Diego International Airport (SAN). Schedule Flights after 1pm PST.

You will have your stomach scanned to check for any leaks, and if a drain tube was used, it would be taken out this day. This is a great time to talk to the medical staff about restarting any medications, wound care, diet, and best exercise.

After all tests and speaking with the medical staff, you will be discharged. Some patients want to go right home, and with a short flight, it is usually safe to do so, those with longer trips may opt to stay a day longer. If this is the case, just let your patient coordinator know, and we will make proper arrangements for you.

Once you fly home, ensure you take brief walks often. Make sure you stretch, keep hydrated, and do not lift heavy items. Ask for help if you need help with luggage. Follow all of the nutritionist guidelines and do not hesitate to contact your patient coordinator, nutritionist, or surgeon if you should have any questions from this day. Your patient coordinator reaches out often to check on your weight loss status and overall health.

*Gastric Sleeve Patients are discharged on Day 4. Other patients will stay an additional day for recovery and do these steps on Day 5.