Dr. Omar

Dr. Omar Paipilla graduated 28 years ago as a General Physician from the Xochicalco Univesity Studies Center. He completed his medical internship at the Juarez Hospital in Mexico City and has 21 years of experience as a surgeon at the Autonomous University of Baja California, General Hospital of Tijuana. In the last thirteen years, he became the founder and medical director at the Tijuana Medical Specialities Unit (UNEME). The Tijuana Medical Specialities Unit is an exclusive center for laparoscopic ambulatory surgery and training center for surgeons in laparoscopic digestive and gynecological surgery.

In 2001 at Tijuana’s General Hospital, Dr. Omar Paipilla cofounded the surgery clinic for obesity and metabolic diseases. Dr. Omar Paipilla performs gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric band, and vertical gastroplasty with band revision surgeries and the comprehensive management of obesity.

Dr. Omar Paipilla is a founding partner in 2005 of the Mexican College for Obesity Surgery. In September 2020, he began activities as medical director and surgical staff of the Bariatric Center of the Northern Border, an exclusive surgical center for patients with obesity problems.

Medical preparation is essential for patients. Dr. Omar Paipilla consistently continues education in the United States. Since 2010 he has been rigorously attending the MISS Symposium on Minimally Invasive Surgery administered by Dr. Philip R. Schauer and recognized by the University of Cincinnati.

  • Medical Experience
  • March 1999 to date.
  • Private practice. Royal Hospital of VH Joaquin Clausel Street 10304-5 River area. Tijuana B. C.
  • March 1999 to date.Dr Omar Paipilla performing surgery
  • Physician Assigned to the General Surgery service. General Hospital of Tijuana. Tijuana, B. C.
  • Administrative Experience
  • April 1999 to August 2006.
  • Quality and improvement program of the Tijuana General Hospital. General Hospital of Tijuana. Tijuana, B.C.
  • September 2000 to August 2006
  • Sub. State Medical Director for the General Hospital of Tijuana. General Hospital of Tijuana. Tijuana, B.C.
  • August 2006 to February 2010.
  • Head of the General Surgery Service General Hospital of Tijuana. Tijuana B.C.
  • August 2007 to date.
  • Medical Director. UNEME Medical Specialties Unit (Ambulatory Surgery Unit) Tijuana, B.C.

Professional Education

  • April 2003 to September 2003
  • Diploma in Hospital Administration. Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana, B. C.
  • March 1995 – February 1999
  • Specialty in General Surgery. General Hospital of Tijuana. Autonomous University of Baja California.
  • Tijuana, B.C.
  • July 1991 – June 1992
  • Undergraduate Internship. Hospital Juárez de México. Mexico DF.
  • July 1987 – June 1991
  • Surgeon. Center for University Studies “XOCHICALCO” Ensenada B.C. Mexico.

Courses and Seminars

  • April 1994
  • Graduate Course A. T. L. S. Advance Trauma Life Support. American College of Surgeons. Ensenada, B.C.
  • June 1996
  • Enteral and Parenteral Artificial Nutrition Diploma 300 hrs. Autonomous University of Baja California. Clinic N 20 IMSS. Tijuana, B.C.
  • March 1998
  • Basic Course of Laparoscopic Surgery 400 Hrs. Mexican Association of Laparoscopic Surgery Clinic N 20 IMSS Tijuana, B.C.
  • July 1998
  • Graduated from T.N.T. Total Nutritional Therapy. Latin American Federation of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Mexicali, B.C.

Academic Activities

  • March 2016 to date Associate Professor of the Autonomous University of Baja California. General
  • Surgery Course General Hospital of Tijuana. Tijuana, B. C.
  • May 1999 to date
  • November 2001
  • Professor of Laparoscopic Surgery Course. National Congress of General Surgery. Acapulco Guerrero
  • June 2006
  • Professor of the National Congress of Surgery for Obesity. National Congress of Obesity Surgery. Mazatlan Sinaloa
  • February 2008
  • Diploma Professor of Laparoscopic Surgery. ISESALUD-UNEME ACADEMY AESCULAP. Tijuana Baja California.
  • June 2013 to date
  • Associate professor at the Autonomous University of Baja California. Course of Clinical Gastroenterology.
  • Tijuana, B. C.
  • Memberships and Affiliations
  • June 1995 to date
  • Mexican Association of General Surgery
  • February 1996 to date
  • College of Surgeons of Tijuana.
  • November 2000 to date
  • Pan American Federation of General Surgery.
  • August 2005 to date
  • Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
  • June 2005 to date
  • Mexican Council of General Surgery
Dr. Omar
Dr. Omar
Dr. Omar
Dr. Omar
Dr. Omar