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Lighter Dream Bariatrics holds a 5 Star rating on weight loss surgery reviews and we are very proud of this. At Lighter Dream your safety and satisfaction come first. We strive to provide excellent service and worry-free experience with each patient.

Lighter Dream works with each patient as an individual. We assess your needs and work with our patients guiding them through their weight loss journey.

Weight loss surgery Patient's Reviews
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Lighter Dream Reviews

Lighterdream for a gastric sleeve. Dr Navarro and the staff were excellent. My whole experience was excellent. I highly recommend Dr Navarro,the best doctor in Tijuana. The customer service, level of care and cleanliness of the facility are three of the top ranking aspects of my experience. Best staff, amazing work, love them!


Lighterdream for a gastric sleeve. Dr Navarro and the staff were excellent. My whole experience was excellent. I highly recommend Dr Navarro,the best doctor in Tijuana. The customer service, level of care and cleanliness of the facility are three of the top ranking aspects of my experience. Best staff, amazing work, love them!


I had my surgery May 1st with Dr Navarro. Him and the staff were amazing!! They had great bedside manner and made sure I was comfortable the whole process. The hotel was nice and my hospital room was very clean and spacious. Totally worth it!


I would recommend this to anyone. The professionalism and the care are second to none.


Gastric sleeve 6-21-2019
At first I was skeptical about the whole thing since it was in Mexico but their staff was very assuring and made me feel comfortable about the whole situation. When I arrived at the hotel I was a little relieved since it was a fancy hotel and I felt safe. At the hospital the next day we felt very welcomed and all of the staff was very friendly. Overall I was happy with the way we were treated at the hospital before and after the surgery. I was getting checked on constantly to see how I was doing and to see if we needed anything. Everything went smoothly and how I expected. She is awesome she checked on me the whole time. Thank you!


I was sleeved 2/6/19 by Dr Camelo, such a great group of doctors and staff. I had the best hospital care ( much better than in the states). Nurses are very attentive and kind not once did I have to ask for pain or nausea medicine they were ready with the replacement bottle for my iv. Many thanks for making my sister who was there as a companion and myself fell comfortable and welcomed. If you are thinking about Bariatric surgery great choice.


I scheduled my gastric sleeve surgery done by Dr. Camelo through Lighter Dream. The staff is great!!! She answers any and all questions even if she isn’t in the office! She checked on me during the stay and made sure everything ran smoothly. I had a surprise refund after surgery and I received a check within 2 weeks. My surgery went very well. I have had no complications. Dr. Camelo and his team made sure I understood exactly what to expect and what regimen I needed to follow. They made sure I had everything I need to be successful in this journey. The hospital was very clean and comfortable. The nurses were great, very professional and understanding. I highly recommend Scheduling your surgery through Lighter Dream!!!


Ok for starters Lighter Bariatrics is basically the liaison between you and the actual surgeon. The staff was very helpful with all of my questions and helped make the process into Tijuana very smooth. I drove to San Diego and they picked me up from the address I provided. I’d recommend them simply because my Surgeon was great! I don’t know if I can say but Dr Camelo was my guy.

– Michael

Surgery date 03/22/19 Dr. Mario Camelo No complications kind staff clean hospital very nice hotel I will recommend 100% to anybody. Best decision ever

– Cassandra

They are very good at what they do. Help you when needed. Very attentive, and compassionate. Everything was smooth sailing. Thank you Dr. Cazarez!

– Travis

Dr. Cazeras, Dr. Reyna and Dr. Valenzuela, their surgical team, the hospital staff and scheduling company…
Wow! What an awesome experience. I was nervous to schedule this because so far from home. I wasn’t worried about quality because their credentials are posted for you to research.
This was a well oiled machine. From picking you up at the airport to making you feel safe and comfortable, through surgery and back to the airport, every detail was covered.
The staff at Guadalajara Hospital was very professional and courteous and everyone seemed to have a great experience. (There were 9 of us there).
Dr. Cazares and his team are phenomenal. Dr. Valenzuela goes out of his way (way out of his way) to make sure patients are familiar with everything going on and answering millions of questions 😃.
If you are having trouble selecting a physician, read through their credentials and reviews. All of them have a great track record and I highly recommend Dr. Cazares.

– Cindy

Everything, from my coordinator, right to the driver, that took me back to the airport after surgery 😉. The care is beyond words, I do wish some of the staff had a better understanding of the English language, as every patient there spoke English. Thank god I am incredible patient, I just used my phone app to translate 😉 doctors were fantastic, caring, understanding and all had exceptional bedside manner. It’s a fantastic team that did a fantastic job, I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in WLS ❤️ The only part I would hope they switch up is when being taken into the Operating room no one spoke to me and that was probably the time I needed the most support, they should put u to sleep upstairs and then take u in, u would miss all that waiting alone while they prepare. Again a definite language barrier. But as soon as the wonderful anaesthesiology came in and spoke English I felt very safe and cared for again. But everything else was top notch, medical service is amazing and I will definitely go down again as a companion for friend or family who want this done ✅ I also went alone….. but never felt alone ❤️ Thanks Dr. Reyna and Dr. Camelo……. you guys and ur team changed my life for the better
Thanks a million

– Catherine

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  1. My wife got surgery about a year ago. Would highly recommend! I was impressed with the level of care I witnessed them provide.

  2. I was patient of Dr. N, I had my surgery 11/09 and today is 12/03 and I’m officially 36 pounds down. The staff is wonderful, even after surgery they check on you. I would recommend them to anyone!

  3. Hi y’all! I’m scheduled for a sleeve revision to bypass with Dr.Sandy on 1/24! So excited! One thing I’m so impressed with is Dr.Sandy took the time and got on a call with me and answered my questions today. I can’t believe how personable she is and so kind! I am seriously thankful for that! See you in a couple of weeks, Dr.Sandy Martinez!

    Rating: 5

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